Torment Mag - Issue 6
Torment Mag - Issue 6
Torment Mag - Issue 6
Torment Mag - Issue 6
Torment Mag - Issue 6
Torment Mag - Issue 6
Torment Mag - Issue 6

Torment Mag - Issue 6

Torment Mag
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Issue SIX

Presented by Arc’teryx, Burton, K2, The North Face, Ride, Salomon, 686, and Vans, Issue SIX is a 228-page, ad-free, snowboard yearbook. You could call it a magazine, but it’s actually a coffee table book featuring 9 articles, 99 gallery pages, and a gloss text cover. 

A half a year in the making, this issue (like the five before it) is a carefully curated selection of images and stories, compiled into one perfectly bound stack of paper. We truly pour everything we have into it, so grab a nice drink, find a comfy seat, and settle into the last year of snowboarding. 

Issue SIX Highlights Include:

    • Friend of Bjork, dorothy does Iceland, A Month in Reykjavik with Emma, Kennedi, Jake, and Bryden. Written by Jake Kuzyk. Shot by Marc O’Malley
    • Citizen Kain, Parker Szumowski feature interview by Ian Boll. Shot by Oli Gagnon
    • Brown Cinema and the Knights of the Brown Table, A Two-Year Recap
    • A Change in Weather and Mood, A Norwegian Snowboard Tale by Keenan-Faulkner Cawley. Photos by Erik Hoffman, Illustrations by John Garoutte
    • Tuesday Has No Feel, A Few Months in Montreal and Calgary with Paid Programming
    • Yellow, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir Interview by Naima Antolin
    • Living Free in the Post-ThinkThank Era, A Shift in Snowboarding’s Collective Consciousness. Written by Evan Litsios.
    • Life is Plastic, A Snowboard Video Filmed by Barbie. Shot by Mikaela Kautzky and Dani K M
    • Goop Goes to Japan, Luke Lund Interview by Jon Stark

Featuring photography by:

Marc O’Malley, Colt Morgan, Oli Gagnon, Ryan Collins, Erik Hoffman, Jake Price, Liam Glass, Julien “Perly” Petry, Aaron Blatt, Danny Kern, Alex Pashley, Jon Stark, Joseph Roby, Tim Schiphorst, Jérôme Tanon, Bryden Bowley, Mikaela Kautzky, Ian Boll, Justus Hirvi, Blotto, Seamus Foster, Matt Foley, Justin Kious, Ben Littler, Jody Wachniak, Tatu Toivanen, Darrell Mathes, Mike Azevedo, Mike Miller, Chad Chomlack, Yoshiro Higai, Dani K M, Sam Rowse, Bob Plumb, Colton Feldman, Dylan Ross, Jacob Harms, Tom “T Bird” Monterosso, Amanda Hankison, Keenan Faulkner-Cawley, Tommy Berlin, Jacee Juhasz, Sean Kerrick Sullivan Theo Acworth, Andrew Miller, Marco Morandi, Nik Baden

Contributing Writers: Jake Kuzyk, Brock Nielsen, Evan Litsios, Liam Glass, Wolle Nyvelt, Naima Antolin, Tanner Davidson, Quin Ellul, Jesse Jarrett

Contributing Artists: Kennedi Deck, John Garoutte, Brown Squad, Sam Rowse

Design: Austin Squire, John Blyth Warren, Luci Carson, Charlotte Tegen, Colton Morgan, Mikaela Kautzky


  • Perfect Bound, PUR glue
  • Silk Cover, 130# weight
  • Gloss embossed cover text
  • 228-pages, full color offset printed
  • Silk Aqueous 100# text weight
  • 9.5 x 12 in
  • 3 lbs